May 20th 2018 – Adwords Analysis

Adwords Analysis: May 20th 2018


  1. Ad text variation should be worked by activating only one per period.
    a) Adwords is not good at split testing evenly the ad variations, hence measurement cannot be performed correctly.
    STATUS: Active
  2. Amber’s Retargeting Campaign DOES obtain real returning visitors, HOWEVER:
    a) Landing Page is just a form and visitors only leave or scroll down/up and leave
    SOLUTION: Create a medium landing page with info and the form: people sometimes forget they have visited a webpage and a bare form will not trigger memory. // Also we should highlight the offer.
    STATUS: Waiting for Hut’s input
    a) There is no conclusive data of which page is better: LP got 1 lead, PTing got another lead; however PTing page got someone filling out the header form.
    b) LP Page has a slight advantage, the video at the top is 30% played at least. // VS the other pages, that the video is never played.
    S1: Only test 2 pages: There is few traffic and makes the analysis harder
    S2: Pick LP and Training Page for testing: The Training Page shows a higher interaction than the original page.
    S3: In the Training Page: Modify the header, keep a video at the top and the invitation to join below.

EXTRA DATA – Analyzing the current Adwords Competition

I analyzed a couple of your competitors’ ads, and I created a variation using their texts.

This is our current ad:
{Keyword:Dallas Personal Trainer}  |  No One Gets You Better Results
In-Home Training. Get Tight, Toned, and Terrific. Dallas Personal Trainers.

Possible ad:
Best Dallas Personal Trainers | Personal Training. Delivered.‎
Achieve Your Goals & Get Fit. One-On-One Personal Training.  Free Consultation.


FOR THE FUTURE: POSSIBLE LANDER VARIATION:*&vt-k=personal%20trainers%20ny&vt-mt=e&vt-n=g&vt-d=c&vt-dm=&vt-ap=1t1&vt-p=&vt-p1=428844146&vt-p2=26284102706&gclid=Cj0KCQjwuYTYBRDsARIsAJnrUXDkWMTx_Mm70yimTCwiELfm0WYGYy05pKwlZ3wpVfCnepTcOjlEVLAaAn8XEALw_wcB


April 2018 Adwords Strategy


Short Term Solutions

After a deep analysis, 7 short term solutions were planned out. The following are the solutions we should implement.

According to Youtube videos specialized in Google Ad Score Improvement, it always recommend to delete or pause keywords with low performance.

Amber’s new strategy involved betatesting multiple new keywords, but 80% of them are underperforming. However, direct Ad Score has not been compromised.

I did a performance research, in which state that October/November were our best performer months. This goes hand by hand with Solution 1. It involves scaling down and focusing in our major performers.

Adwords allows you to add dynamic headers, so per example, a header of an ad can reflect the search keyword used by the user.

I recommend dividing our best performer keywords in 2 groups, and experiment for 2 months to gather data of how effective is this method.

Experiment for 2 months. Previous test declared that, per example, eliminating mobile users was not beneficial in our CTR/Adscore.

We are currently disabling some age groups, we have to test if this is a cause of our lower CTR.

This needs to be re-analyzed and tested again.

We already do this in Adwords. We need to complement with Facebook Ads.

This is not actually a short term solution, but starting now will provide other short term solutions in a near future.


This list involves only one “long-term” solution. It is classified like this, not because of time, but because it involves heavy lifting.

Google representatives said it. Other websites said it. Google Adwords have Page Speed as one of the most important factors for Ad Quality Score.

While we can try using our current tools to make these pages run faster, it is most probable we will need to clone these pages in simple HTML code. That involves some time + little programming. Since the pages should be fixed (content-wise), it could be easy to do this work at some low cost and higher ROI.
5.6 seconds in desktop
11 seconds in mobile – 3G
2.6 MB of content

4 seconds in desktop
6 seconds in mobile
1.5MB in mobile content

4.71 seconds in desktop
6 seconds in mobile
1.4 MB of content

3.5 seconds in desktop
4 seconds in mobile
1MB in mobile content

3.53 in desktop
9 seconds in mobile (strange, it should load faster).
1.2 MB of content
3 seconds in desktop
4.5 seconds in mobile
1MB in mobile content

PAST METRICS: Numbers that matter

The following data are the numbers of Google Adwords performance in previous months.

dallas personal training CTR 5.6%, impressions 1054, clicks 60, 3 leads

dallas personal training CTR 6.42%, impressions 952, clicks 62, 0 leads

dallas personal training CTR 5.46%, impressions 751, clicks 41, 6 leads

Split testing with keywords start
2 keywords, CTR 5.18%, impressions 965, 50 clicks, 5 leads

back to 1 keywords, CTR 3.85%, 1687 impressions, 65 clicks, 1 lead

dallas personal training, CTR 2.8%, 1092 impressions, 22 clicks, 1 lead

Multiple Ad groups, CTR 2.14%, 1544 impressions, 33 clicks, 2 leads

Multiple Ad Groups, CTR 2.64%, 3565 impressions, 94 clicks, 1 lead

October/November numbers were the best.